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ABA House of Delegates Passes Pro-Cameras in SCOTUS Resolution


Unlike the myriad briefs written by its myriad members, the ABA’s Resolution 110 was short and to the point.

“RESOLVED,” it says, “that the American Bar Association urges the United States Supreme Court to record and make available video recordings of its oral arguments.” That was it.

Initially introduced by the ABA’s Young Lawyers Division, the resolution “passed with strong support,” according to the ABA Journal.

Supporters said they’d like to view SCOTUS oral arguments because they feel they’d learn to be better advocates by watching the seasoned veterans who practice before the high court and sit on its bench.

FTC executive director Gabe Roth reacted as follows: “Fix the Court commends the ABA House of Delegates for passing the resolution supporting video in the Supreme Court, as the public has a right to see their top legal officials discuss and debate the most pressing issues of the day.”

“In fact,” Roth continued, “appellate attorneys and judges from Ohio to Ontario who practice in courtrooms with cameras have found them to have no impact on their proceedings, other than to better educate the public about what goes on inside the halls of justice.”

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