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How You Can Help End the Supreme Court's Broadcast Media Ban

New FTC adThe Supreme Court has just started hearing cases again after a three-month break, but the vast majority of the country still isn’t able to witness justice in action since the court maintains a ban on all broadcast media.

Here’s where you can help. We’re asking you to write your members of Congress and ask them support a bipartisan proposal introduced last week that would allow cameras – or at least live audio – in the Supreme Court.

While many of us would like to be at the Supreme Court in person as the justices consider issues like affirmative action, voting rights and the death penalty in the coming weeks, our obligations at home don’t allow us to do so. Streaming video or audio would then be a tremendous benefit to those of us who want to experience these important cases as they unfold.

Top courts across the country have been allowing live audio and video for years and without incident, and Fix the Court would gladly raise the money to pay the cost of installation at the high court.

Click here to write your members of Congress and ask them to support cameras.

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