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BREAKING: Supreme Court Makes Reforms (Though Not the Ones We Were Hoping For)

The Supreme Court announced today that it is making a handful of institutional changes to shine some light on formerly opaque practices.

The court will denote when changes are made to the justices’ opinions after they’re initially released (which, amazingly, happens from time to time without the public knowing about it).

It will no longer allow “line-standers” to hold places in line for members of the Supreme Court bar hoping to enter the court for oral arguments or opinion announcements.

And it will make an effort to end “link rot” by ensuring that all the online links cited in the justices’ opinions are active and up to date.

Fix the Court executive director Gabe Roth released this statement after the announcement:

The high court policy updates on link rot, slip opinions and line-standing demonstrate that the justices pay attention to what’s being written about them and that they have the capacity to make institutional changes that reflect modern times.

Yet while these reforms may be useful to a handful of court-watchers, they do little to make the court more accessible to the rest of the American public, who deserve a more open and honest third branch that they can see in action.

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