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FTC Sends Petition to SCOTUS Calling for Justices to Establish Blind Trusts

Only three justices – Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Breyer and Alito – own individual shares in publicly traded companies, and many of these companies appear before the Supreme Court from time to time either as litigants or filers of amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” briefs.

It almost doesn’t matter whether or not the justices are directly influenced by the amici they’re invested in (though they have voted with them nearly 70% of the time over the last six years), as either way, their stock ownership clearly raises a conflict-of-interest problem.

Luckily, there’s an easy way it may be fixed – if the justices established blind trusts for their securities while they’re on the bench.

In fact, more than 2,400 of you signed a petition calling for the establishment of blind trusts, which Fix the Court sent to the clerk of the court on July 21.

See the Fix the Court blind trust petition here.

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