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Transparency Takeaways in Wake of Health Care, Marriage Decisions

A couple of transparency takeaways from this past week’s momentous SCOTUS decisions from Fix the Court’s Gabe Roth:

1. As far as we know, Chief Justice Roberts did not respond to lawmakers’ letter urging live audio of opinion announcements. Luckily this time, all major news outlets got the holding right, but the idea that such a major decision by public figures happened away from all but 0.00001% of the American public is shameful and anachronistic.

2. The audio of the pivotal Supreme Court sessions in which the health care and same-sex marriage decisions were announced will be available in October. That’s not a joke.

3. On a happier note, crowds were allowed on the Supreme Court plaza for the first time in memory. Was it reflective of a change in court policy? A little-noticed victory for the First Amendment? It’s unclear at the present moment, but we’ll look into it – and we’ll be back here on Monday, June 29, for the final session of the Supreme Court term.

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