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Fix the Court, Politico Host "The Future of the Roberts Court" on Term Limits, Other Reforms

Fix the Court and Politico held a conversation June 22 exploring the future of the Supreme Court. Where is Chief Justice Roberts taking us? Can technology and term limits break open this most opaque branch of government?

Watch FTC’s Gabe Roth give opening remarks here.

– Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.)
– Viet Dinh, former assistant attorney general, U.S. Department of Justice
– Josh Gerstein, senior reporter, POLITICO
– Nancy Gertner, former federal judge, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts; Senior Lecturer, Harvard Law School
– Tom Goldstein, co-founder and publisher, SCOTUSblog
– Victoria Kwan, founder, SCOTUS Map
– David Lat, founder and managing editor,
– Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor, Slate
– Ed Whelan, president, Ethics and Public Policy Center
– Elizabeth Wydra, chief counsel, Constitutional Accountability Center

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