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New Video Shows Support for Cameras at Supreme Court Following Historic Gay Marriage Arguments

Interviews on SCOTUS Plaza Underscore Calls for Transparency & Access

Following arguments at the Supreme Court last week in landmark cases for gay marriage, a new video produced by Fix the Court, an advocacy group pushing the Supreme Court to become more accountable and transparent, highlights the support for cameras with interviews outside the courthouse.

In the new video, everyday Americans and passionate observers of Obergefell v. Hodges make the case for more open access the Supreme Court so that all Americans can witness history.

Fix the Court executive director Gabe Roth said:

“The people we spoke with in line at the Supreme Court were regular Americans – teachers, college students and service workers from across the country. Despite their passion for the case and endurance outside the court, nearly all of them expressed dismay that the court is not broadcast to the public.

“What we’re looking for here is not unprecedented or untested or unproven. We’re asking the justices to take the real-world, successful examples of broadcasting appellate arguments to heart and open up the court to the full American public – not the brave few who stood in line last week (or the wealthy fewer who paid others to stand in line for them).

“It’s troublesome enough that nine individuals are making decisions that affect the lives of so many Americans. That they debate the issues in a shroud of secrecy is embarrassing for such a grand and powerful institution.”

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