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Fix the Court Airs TV Ad Ahead of Supreme Court's Obamacare Hearing

Ahead of Wednesday’s hearing in a case that will determine the future of the Affordable Care Act and impact millions of Americans, Fix the Court released a new television ad pushing the justices of the Supreme Court to allow live video coverage so that all Americans have access to the debates that determine our country’s most pressing issues.

The ad, viewable here, will run on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Comedy Central for the next week.

The 30-second spot displays iconic scenes from U.S. history as seen on television, including Neil Armstrong’s moon walk, President Reagan’s challenge to tear down the Berlin Wall and Michael Jordan’s famous buzzer-beater and exuberant celebration.

Then as the words “abortion,” “gay marriage,” “health care,” “death penalty” and others related to past and upcoming cases come into focus on the screen, a voiceover intones: “America’s biggest moments wouldn’t be the same without TV. But the biggest decisions still happen in the dark behind closed doors. It’s time for us to see the history made here in the light of day.”

Fix the Court executive director Gabe Roth said: “As the justices debate the future of health care this week and same-sex marriage and the death penalty next month, they shouldn’t be restricting access to the handful of people granted a physical seat in the courtroom. Decisions at the Supreme Court profoundly impact Americans’ lives, and there’s no better time than now for the court to revise its outdated policies and finally let cameras – and the American public – into the courtroom.”

Recent polling from McLaughlin & Associates and Democracy Corps found widespread support for live video and audio broadcast of Supreme Court hearings, with more than 70 percent of Americans across demographic and partisan lines supporting expanded media access.

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