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Dogs on Leashes Are Okay on Supreme Court Grounds; Slogans on Plywood Are Not

There’s no shortage of frustration with the ban on broadcast media at the Supreme Court, and the reasons Fix the Court opposes this ban can be found throughout this site.

We wanted to see what else is banned from the high court, and surprisingly enough, there’s a list at Demonstrations are banned, of course (that’s the theme of this part of the website), and so are signs not made of either “cardboard, posterboard or cloth.”

Our favorite line: “No person who owns or has custody of a dog shall permit the dog to be on Supreme Court grounds unless the dog is secured by a leash that does not exceed four feet in length. […] Any owner who permits his or her dog to defecate on Supreme Court grounds shall immediately remove the excrement.”

No word on whether the dogs who play Supreme Court justices on TV are exempt from this regulation.

Fix the Court believes that the justices, in the interest of being consistent with the First Amendment, should not prevent the public from congregating on the spacious plaza in front of the building – and they can allow such demonstrations without compromising their safety.

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