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Chief Justice Roberts Acknowledges Judiciary's "Me Too" Moment, Promises Changes

In his year-end report, Chief Justice John Roberts acknowledged the problem of sexual harassment in the federal judiciary and said the third branch will “undertak[e] a careful evaluation of whether the standards of conduct and procedures for investigating and correcting inappropriate behavior are adequate.”

FTC executive director Gabe Roth issued this statement in response:

I am pleased that the Chief Justice heeded our request to address harassment in his report, and I am hopeful that the steps the judiciary plans to undertake will be victim-focused and will root out bad actors. We’ll be watching closely.

Earlier this month, Fix the Court and several law professors wrote to the Chief Justice urging him to use the report to discuss changes to judiciary policy that would “assure those considering coming forward with sexual harassment complaints […] that they will be heard and that justice will be done.”

Roberts has asked the director of the Administrative Office to create a working group to consider if changes are needed in the judiciary’s codes of conduct and in how instances of misconduct are reported and investigated.

Tell Your Members of Congress: Require the Supreme Court to Follow a Code of Conduct

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